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Topic : Weaving

1)Fabric forming Technology Basics Shuttle loom

Sr No.Name of machineVideo Link
1Working of Hand loomView
1.1Working of Hand loomView
2Tappet Shedding mechanismView
3Picking mechanismView
4Beatup mechanismView
5Let offView
6Take upView
7Type of Weft Insertions in weaving loomView
11Loose reed mechanismView
12Fast reed mechanismView
13Drawing In & denting in machineView
13.1Drawing In & denting in machineView
13.2Drawing In & denting in machineView
14Fabric formation methods -weavingView
15Fabric formation methods -knittingView
16Fabric formation methods -braidingView
17Fabric formation methods -nonwovensView
18Dobby loomView
19Jacquard loomView
20Multiple box loomView

2)Weaving Preparatory (Winding, warping, sizing)

Sr No.Name of machineVideo Link
1Conventional winding machineView
2Modern winding machineView
3SAURER Schlafhorst Autoconer 6View
4Spindle driven windingView
4.1Spindle driven windingView
5Cheese winding machineView
7Yarn knottingView
8Automatic splicerView
9Autoconer 6 ErgonomicsView
10Pirn windingView
11Direct warpingView
11.1Direct warpingView
12Sectional warpingView
12.1Sectional warpingView
13Sizing machineView
14Single end sizing machineView
15Cam dobby View
16Electronic Rotary dobbyView
16.1Double lift JacquardView
17Electronic JacquardView
17.1Electronic JacquardView
18Card punchingView
19Hank to cone windingView