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Cotton prices in Maharashtra have gone up, with farmers selling their seed cotton at around Rs 5,100 per quintal. This improvement, ginners said, was mostly due to the increased price of cotton seed cake, demand
for which has increased in the past few weeks. At the
start of the cotton harvesting season in October,
farmers in Maharashtra were selling their produce at
around Rs 4,500 per quintal, Rs 1,000 lesser than the
Minimum Support Price (MSP) of Rs 5,500. Quality
concerns and influx of cheap imports, ginners said, had
depressed the prices of the lint in the wholesale
markets. Due to higher MSP, ginners had said exports
from India were non-viable, while availability of
cheaper imports had pulled down cotton prices at the
wholesaler’s end.

Cotton Corporation of India (CCI), which has
commenced MSP procurement, has procured around 9
lakh bales (each bale weighing 170 kg) of the fibre in
around 300 of its centres. Farmers in Maharashtra have
reported yield loss both due to moisture stress in the
growing phase as well as heavy rains just before the
picking stages. Maharashtra has around 43 lakh
hectares under cotton the highest reported in the past
few years.

Pradeep Jain, founder president of Khandesh
Gin/Press owners and traders welfare association, said
the present price rise is mostly due to the increased
demand for the reoiled cotton seed cake.
The cake serves as a protein source for poultry and
animal husbandry, and the sharp rise in soyabean cake
prices has led to more demand for the cotton cake.
However, the bigger worry for the industry is the lack
of price parity for Indian cotton in the international
markets, which can dampen imports. As per the data
released by the Cotton Association of India (CAI),
around 5 lakh bales have been imported till the end of

In its report released Wednesday, CAI has kept its
production forecast of 354 lakh bales unchanged, with
imports being slated at 42 lakh bales. While CAI has
kept its production forecast constant, many ginners and
growers have talked about 5-10 per cent dip in the
estimates, which they say might help cotton prices firm
up further.

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By Ajinkya Mule
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