Participation with Authorities

Recommendation of policy alternatives to the Government of India and to the Industry at appropriate times. Government Departments have recognized TAI and various Units located at the Textile Centers. We have been consulted in their policy making process by Govt. of India’s Ministry of Finance, Commerce, Industry, Textiles, Skill Development, etc.

Recently, TAI has been successful in putting concerns of Textile Fraternity in various Govt. Policies like GST implications, Environment & Pollution related regulations, etc..

TAI is getting support from Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India for its activities in association with them. It benefits TAI’s Members and Organizations associated with it in getting financial assistance for participation in Exhibitions & Conferences within & Outside India.

On the International front, The Textile Association (India) has been the founder member of the Federation of Asian Professional Textile Association (FAPTA) and Representatives of The Textile Association (India) has been part of International Advisory Committee of FAPTA in past

The Textile Association (India) coordinates with Ministry of Textiles and Ministry of Skill Development along with other agencies to work on Government of India’s Skill Development Programme.