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La Vogue The Avocation of Calicos Bossom


Description :
For all fashion lovers, TEXPLORER under PRAGYAA
has come up with its own fashion show . If you
have fond of designing your own cloths , Then this
is an opportunity where you can showcase your
creativity and work.

Themes : 

a) Zombie
b) Recycling
c) Swadesh
d) Bohemian
e) Mood of Mellow
f) Fusion of Culture


1. A team can have 10 to 12 members .
2.Time limit for every team would be 08 minutes
(including set up and performance both).
3. Negative marking if participants exceed time
limit .
4..Theme selection is restricted to the stated
topics .

5. Green room would be provided for the purpose

of changing .Designer and makeup man will not
be provided.
6. Participants are expected to carry their tracks in
CD or Pendrive and are expected to submit it well
in advance.
7. The outfit must be below knee length . If at all
opposite in this case , it would be ensured that
stockings are worn . Stockings shouldn’t be of the
skin shade.
8. Skin painting is only allowed for the face .
9. Vulgarity is strongly prohibited. Any form of
obscenity will lead to debarring the team from the
10. Teams will be judged on costumes, theme
relevance , walking stance and attitude .
11. The teams are expected to carry their own
12. Accommodation will be provided for free.

13. The days of accommodation have to be
informed to the organizers well in advanced .
14. Ramp walk has to be done only by the
students of participating college and no
professionals have to hired for the same.
15.Exhibition of any kind of dance form or moves
is not allowed.
16.Use of props should be kept minimal and have
to be carried by the participants themselves.
17.Mode of payment is via google pay or phone
18. Decision of the judges will be treated as final
and binding.

2.Style your mannequin

In this event participants will be provide with the
mannequin and they will have to drape the
mannequin with the cloths designed by them.

Themes : 

a) Indo Western
b) Modern Style Saree Drapping
c) Cascade for a strapless dress
( Ruffle dress )

Rules: *Participants will be responsible for any
minor/major damage of mannequin.
1. Participation will be accepted in the team of
two or solo.
2 . Mannequins will be provided.
3. Theme selection is restricted to the stated
4. Time limit is half an hour .
5. Cloth should be exclusively designed by the
participants .

6. Cell phones are strictly prohibited .
7.. Each team have to perform the task in given

3.Draw your design :

Description :
Participants have to draw or sketch the designs
according to given themes. Theme will be announced
on the spot .Keeping all the desired specifications in
mind .

*Note: Topics will given on spot 


1. Participation will be accepted in the team
of two or solo .
2. cell phones are strictly prohibited.
3. Each team have to perform the tasks in given
4. Participants are expected to draw the design on
A2 size sheet which will be provided on the spot
by texplorer team.

5. Participants will have to bring their own tools
for the competition .

4. Present Your Idea :

Description :
Participants have to select any one topic
from the provided list (related to textile
technology) and present the ppt.

Themes : 

a) Present your Business idea
b) Home Textile and their future aspects
c) emerging opportunities in composites & textile
d) application of textile pollution control
e) government job opportunities in textile sector
f) Nano technology in textile
g) Eco Fibers Development


Rules :
1.Participants should send a soft copy of the abstract of paper
to [email protected] . Last date for
sending abstract format is 28 th feb 2020 till Morning.
2.The paper should be in standard format.
3.Max. two authors can present the PPT and
time limit will be max 10 minutes.
4.Accepted papers will be informed through their
respective email id’s .
5.A result of the jury shall be final.

6.Free accommodation will be provided .

7) On the spot registration will be available. 


1.Participants should bring their college ID cards
and receipt of registration during the reporting.
2. Selected teams should bring three hardcopy
along with the softcopy of final paper with them.
3. Hard and soft copy should contain name and
mobile number of the participants 4. 08 minutes for presentation and 02 minutes for questions by judges, if any.
5.Please bring your PPT presentation in a
6. Replacement of members will not be allowed
on the spot.
7.Any violation of above rules will result in
immediate disqualification of the team. The
decision will be final and completely based on the

organizers/coordinators. An overall spirit of
sportsmanship is expected from all participants
throughout the competition.

5.TexQuiz :

Description :
Quiz is based on textile technology and

*Note: Topics based on Textile Technology

There must be team of two members.
This event is only for textile students.

Round 1: a. MCQs sheet will be provided to
the participants .
b. Cutoff marks(negative marking system)
to eligible for next round will be provided
on spot.

c. Time limit is 15 mins.

Round 2, 3 and 4 will be stated on spot .


6.Explore your innovation
and Art


Exhibition will be related to projects and
innovations of all engineering streams and


a) All emerging streams projects
b) Textile art projects
c) handmade art

1. Participants have to bring their
abstract with them.
2. A team can have atmost 3 members.
3. Decision of Judges will be treated as
final .s

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